Triple Wall Boxes: Tri-wall Packaging & Timber Alternatives

Triple Wall Corrugated

Timber has been used for many years within the heavy-duty packaging industry due to its durability and strength. However, the many benefits of Tri-wall performance fibreboard are starting to go beyond those of timber.

Instead of the costly and heavy timber packaging, at Boxability we prefer to invest our time and effort in a material which offers all the same benefits as timber does - but with added benefits as well.

Tri-wall performance fibreboard has an excellent strength to weight ratio thus allowing for saved air freight costs and due to the fibreboard material, splinters are avoided. Furthermore, the cost of the packaging itself is significantly reduced – up to 80%.

Sharp edges are avoided and Tri-wall performance fibreboard is also 100% recyclable (unlike many timber packaging designs) promoting increased environmental credentials within organisations. 

altFurther advantages of Tri-wall fibreboard include:

• 75% and 80% cost saving
• The ability to store as a flat pack – saving on space and warehouse costs
• Reusable
• 100% Recyclable
• Printable
• A reduction in product abrasion
• Contaminant free
• Non-toxic
• Hard-wearing - copes well with humidity and changing weather conditions

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