Storage Boxes

Storing items using cardboard boxes

Storage is a major consideration for anyone involved in businesses that hold and ship large altamounts of stock. To some people, a cardboard box is a cardboard box; however, here at Boxability we understand and enforce the importance of storing your goods in only the best and most endurable corrugated cardboard boxes. We’ve put together a few tips for anyone interested in top storage practices, particularly in large commercial warehouses.

Selecting the best boxes for storage

  • Always opt for acid-free cardboard boxes where possible. This prevents long term damage to paper and other sensitive materials.
  • Use heavy duty corrugated cardboard boxes. These are the best choice for endurance and stacking purposes.
  • Use double or triple corrugated cardboard.
  • Make sure your boxes are stackable. The last thing you want is boxes tilting and falling over.
  • If the storage space receives a lot of sunlight, consider using UV resistant cardboard boxes to prevent sun damage.
  • Use smaller cardboard boxes for heavy items, as they’ll be easier to move around and will ensure that the box is less prone to breakage.

Additional storage tips

  • Always inspect and fumigate storage areas regularly to avoid termites and other bugs and pests.
  • Clearly label boxes to avoid confusion when searching for particular items.
  • Keep the storage environment climate controlled to avoid mould, rust and dampness.
  • Stack the most frequently needed items in the easiest to access location.
  • Mark all glass and other delicate items as fragile.
  • Stack heavier items on the bottom of the pile.
  • Allow your goods to breathe by not suffocating them up against outside walls.
  • Boxability provides a number of corrugated cardboard boxes, including bespoke, suitable for packing, shipping and storing. View our selection and contact us for commercial heavy duty cardboard solutions.