Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between boxes and cartons?alt

Whether you use the word box or carton really doesn’t make any difference as they both describe the same thing. Box is probably used more than carton by Customers, whereas the packaging and related industries generally use carton. Whichever term you prefer to use, we can provide it!

What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard consists of two paper components: the medium and the linerboard. The medium is a fluted corrugated sheet which is sandwiched between two sheets of linerboard facing. Both are made from paperboard (generically referred to as "cardboard") which is a paper-like material often composed of two or more plies to provide the required stiffness.

What is the difference between single wall and double wall corrugated cardboard?

Single Wall Corrugated Cardboard consists of one fluted medium between two sheets of linerboard. Double Wall as its name implies, has two fluted mediums sandwiched between three sheets of linerboard.

How do I measure a box?

Box measurements always correspond to the inner dimensions of the box. This is done to ensure a snug and protective fit around your product. Simply measure the length, width, and depth (or height) of what you would like to pack and express the measurements in millimetres. Make sure to give the dimensions in this order:

1. length
2. width
3. depth

Allow a minimum of 3mm extra to each dimension for the fitting . Be sure that the length and width do correspond to the opening of the box.

What is Fefco?

FEFCO is the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers. It is an association of associations that was established in 1952 and represents the interests of all European Corrugated Board Manufacturers. With headquarters in Brussels, the Federation is an International Association governed by Belgian Law.

What is the International Fibreboard Case Code?

A Code developed by FEFCO and ESBO (European Solid Board Organisation) as an official system to substitute long and complicated verbal descriptions of fibreboard case and packaging constructions with simple symbols internationally understood by all, regardless of language and other differences. The FEFCO-ESBO code is adopted by ICCA, the International Corrugated Case Association, with its worldwide membership.